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I'm Shelly Turner. My partner, Steve, and I own and operate The Crop Shop.
Steve also happens to be my Dad, but don’t hold that against me!

We specialize in Ag related Errors & Omissions insurance and have a combined
0 years
of experience. This doesn’t make us old, just extremely knowledgeable!

  • Our goal is to provide a top quality product at the lowest possible price. We value trust, loyalty, integrity and innovation. We are “out of the box” thinkers and like to offer one of a kind specialty products with a custom fit for our clients.

  • We also like to infuse a little fun into our work life. Life is too short to be too serious! I love my job, the clients I interact with, flip flops and flamingos...somehow it all works together!

We are glad you have taken a minute to look at our website and would love to hear any feedback you have or answer any questions regarding what we do. Give us a call, shoot us an email or enter your contact information on the site.

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What are people saying about The Crop Shop?

Shelly is very easy to work with and is very knowledgeable about the products she sells. My errors and omissions policy is some of the best insurance I have.Joel
We were fortunate that we recognized a mix up in a seed order before the customer sprayed what was supposed to be RR 93Y52 instead of the conventional 93B52's. If sprayed this could have been quite costly on the 350 acres, as it was we compensated them for additional spray costs and the final yield was actually better for the customer. The timing for The Shop Crop, LLC. to offer errors and omission insurance was right, as we were fresh off of this experience. Shelly Turner has done a great job of matching our liability needs with our desire to have a medium deductible along with enough coverage to give us security.Mike
I have worked with The Crop Shop for two years now. Shelly is very easy to work with and makes sure to promptly follow up with any questions that I have. She is very thorough and takes the time to work with me. I would recommend The Crop shop.Bruce
I found years later I was the first Professional Liability Errors&Omissions client of The Crop Shop. I have known, or known of, Steve Nicklaus for over 40 years. I trust him, and when he said he had a good policy designed just for my exposures developed with input from Pioneer I bought it. I had carried a general errors and omission policy before. The Crop Shop policy has many more coverages with less exclusions, specifically designed for my exposures and at a significantly lesser premium than I paid before. Even my then insurance agent said it was better than he could offer. I would suggest your talking with Shelly or Steve. Dean