A Health Insurance Option made Available to You by The Crop Shop LLC and Group Benefits, Ltd. (GBL)

Group Benefits, Ltd. (GBL) is one of the largest health insurance general agencies in the Midwest. Headquartered in Urbandale, Iowa, GBL proudly serves individuals and groups across the nation. In collaboration with their affiliated agencies, such as The Crop Shop LLC, GBL currently manages over 4,000 employer groups and 70,000 individual clients and has deep experience in working with small businesses, such as yours.

    Services Provided to Seed Sales Representatives

    You deserve the highest level of service when it comes to protecting your physical and financial health. Through GBL’s relationship with The Crop Shop, you may have access to:

    • Group health insurance (2-100+ group members), along with group dental and vision coverage

    • Individual under-65 health insurance, including Healthcare.gov plans

    • Individual over-65 health insurance, including Medicare Supplement and

      Medicare Advantage plans, as well as prescription drug plans

    • Individual dental and vision plans

    • Retirement plans for groups and individuals

    • Group and individual short and long-term disability coverage options

    • Group and Individual life insurance plan options

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